My two children both went to Sunshine In My Home Daycare when they were younger. They both went from 12 months old till they were old enough to start Nursery school. My family’s experience with Zeljka and her staff was always wonderful. Zeljka treats all of the kids in her daycare as if they were her own, giving them all the warmth and tenderness you would expect from a member of your own family. She praised their accomplishments, encouraged their interests, and was fair in discipline when required. If we ever had any concerns, she would always listen and appreciated our input. We would highly recommend this daycare. She works hard to maintain her home to be warm and inviting, as well as safe and secure. Her staff has always been wonderful, and very respectful. Our family still keeps in touch with Zeljka and we bring the kids by for visits from time to time. They are always welcomed with big smiles and open arms.

– Holly

We are very happy to have our son Misha in Sunshine In My Home Daycare. At the very first time from our previous experience, we feel comfortable sending our child to the daycare every morning. Thank you so much for amazing care of him. We appreciate a lot that you pay close attention to parents notes about child’s needs and health issues. “Nanny, who cares like Mommy” – the best way we can describe our experience with Sunshine In My Home Daycare. Thank you for all your love and care you give to our son!

Masha and Yuriy.


Nanny Zeljka looked after our son for 9 months until it was time for preschool. His transition into his first daycare at Nanny’s house was amazingly very smooth! She made him feel very safe and loved all of the time. Amazingly he settled in so quickly! It was definitely his home away from home. Everyday he had things to tell me about his day: going to the park, playing outside in sprinkler, painting and learning songs. I never doubted or worried about anything while i was at work all day. I always knew that if he was sad Zeljka would sooth him, if he was sick Zeljka would comfort him, if he was happy Zeljka would laugh with him! We were very sad to leave Sunshine in My Home, but they will always have a spot in my little guy’s heart!!

“Our two children went to Sunshine in my Home Daycare over a three year time period. Zeljka is very passionate about what she does and provides a loving and nurturing environment. We always felt comfortable with our children in her care and have been very pleased with how she interacts and treats all of the children at the daycare.”
Karen & John

Nanny and her Sunshine in My Home Daycare have been part of our family for over 2 years now.

When we first met Zeljka, we were new parents – anxious about leaving our 8 month old daughter and nervous about the “returning to work” transition on our family. Those nerves were short lived and we have been thankful from that day forward to have Nanny in our lives!

Our daughter has thrived at Sunshine in My Home. She loves Nanny dearly and has so much fun at daycare. There is no better feeling as a working parent when watching your child smile brightly at the sight of their caregiver!

Thank you Zeljka always making our daughter feel so loved and special in your home… and for all the support, help, encouragement and wisdom you have shared with our whole family!

Sarah & Scott

Dear Zeljka,

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much we all miss you and Sunshine in my Home. It’s been months since we were there, and the boys still mention you often and clearly miss their time there very much. Just yesterday, Drew was telling me about all the changes made “downstairs” and what your mini-kitchen was like. I don’t know what other things you had in store but I’m sure they will only enhance an already-beautiful space where children love to be.

You loved the boys like your own, and when they were inevitably ill-behaved you disciplined them like any loving parent would. The life of a daycare provider could never be considered an easy one, so your patience and affectionate nature are all the more impressive.

It’s about time that I thanked you properly for all the care and love you generously provided the boys during the 7 years we were part of your daycare family. Thank you! It doesn’t seem like enough.

With all our love,
Andrea, Matthew, Drew and Zane Craig



“Thanks is not nearly a strong enough word to say to you for all the wonderful care you’ve provided for Severin And Keira. I will never forget the first time I called you crying over Keira and you took sympathy on me. I believe that only you could have cared for her during that stage- she wouldn’t even settle for her Grandmas!

You have such a beautiful home, always welcoming and clean and organized. And what can we say about your entire family??  So wonderful…… Stella and Vedrana are such nice girls and Sev & Keira speak so highly of them. The love you have for children is very clear and it shines through for everyone to see. You gave Severin and Keira a home away from home, and for that we could never thank you enough.

Love Michelle, JP, Severin and Keira


  • Forever In My Heart

    Although I'm not their mother
    I care for them each day,
    I cuddle, sing and read to them
    And watch them as they play.
    I see each new accomplishment,
    I help them grow and learn
    I understand their language,
    I listen their concern.
    They come to me for comfort,
    And I kiss away their tears.
    They proudly show their work to me,
    I give the loudest cheers!
    No, I am not their mother
    But my role is just as strong.
    I nurture them and keep them safe,
    Through maybe not for long.
    I know someday the time will come,
    When will have to part.
    But I know each child I cared for,
    Is forever in my heart!

    ~Author Unknown~

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