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February Update

Hello World! We are so happy that we made it to February and we are one step closer to Spring. 🙊 I am super excited to start baking those cute heart shaped cookies for the kids. January weather was very cooperative but I am so ready for Spring to come. This month we will focus […]
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January Update

🎄🍾🎄HAPPY NEW YEAR🎄🍾🎄 I do not know about you guys but the last year passed by so fast for me! But here we are in a new one with so many new goals and expectations! I am so ready to see what 2017 will bring us and I am super excited about it. This winter […]
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December Update

Hello World Now that I am back from my short but awesome trip, I am not only energized but also super excited for this beautiful time of year.  The weather was simply beautiful this Fall and I really hope these temperatures will last for at least a couple of weeks.  I would like to take […]
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November Update

Hello World! What a wet fall we have been having! It is hard to believe that Christmas countdown has already begun. Mall decorations are already up! Crazy!! I can’t believe that this year is almost over, can we slow down a bit? Now that cooler weather is here, we will start with more structured activities. […]
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October Update

🎃Hello World🎃 I can’t believe that October is here!! At least the weather is still beautiful and the only difference is, it is very colourful outside! As long as it stays like that I am happy and not complaining. October is a fun month for the children since they love to play dress up and […]
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September Update

Hello World I can’t believe it!! Where did Summer go? School is starting in just a couple of days and like always, it makes me sad that time with my kids is up and they have to go back already. Anyway here at the daycare things are going well, we are still playing mainly outside, […]
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August Update

Hello world… August already?? Wow, I can’t believe it. This summer is flying by so fast, like any other summer in Winnipeg. Lol. But we will not let that stop us from having fun outside, catching bugs, going for walks, playing with water and so on. We are loving it! I hope you are enjoying […]
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July Update

Hello World Happy Canada Day everyone! What a beautiful country we are living in!  School is out! Yay! I love it, now lets have some fun! Summer’s are the best, all we do around here is play, play, and more play! Children are so excited and so am I. We can spend countless hours outside […]
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June Update

Hello World Hello Summer! We are super happy and cheerful here, now that Summer is almost here. I think it is fortune to have sunshine and green grass, and so many people take that for granted. I am referring to ones down South. Lol!  Did you know that yesterday was my daycare 11th B-Day?!!!🎉🎈🎉 I […]
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May Update

Hello World! I am so happy and excited that the weather is beautiful and we can spend most of our time outside enjoying the sunshine! We waited so long and now we will use every minute of it. In May, the daycare will be closed for two weeks for holidays but when we reopen nothing […]
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  • Forever In My Heart

    Although I'm not their mother
    I care for them each day,
    I cuddle, sing and read to them
    And watch them as they play.
    I see each new accomplishment,
    I help them grow and learn
    I understand their language,
    I listen their concern.
    They come to me for comfort,
    And I kiss away their tears.
    They proudly show their work to me,
    I give the loudest cheers!
    No, I am not their mother
    But my role is just as strong.
    I nurture them and keep them safe,
    Through maybe not for long.
    I know someday the time will come,
    When will have to part.
    But I know each child I cared for,
    Is forever in my heart!

    ~Author Unknown~

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